Do your hold meetings?   Instructional gatherings?

Informative events?   Interviews?

Host special guest speakers?

Wherever your meeting, seminar, or other function is, I will show up, set up, and record it.


Sell it and mail it, serve it from an Internet site.

Archive your information.

Charge a fee that pays for this service,

and lets you accumulate fund$.

For many years I've recorded meetings of clubs and organizations, many with specially invited expert speakers.

I edit the audio and distribute to anyone who orders a copy.  I handle packing, shipping,

and keep records of all orders and recipients.  

I can even make recordings available on the Internet.

It is not expensive to do, and everyone profits.

The information you develop, present, host, exchange, promote and facilitate is special

and worthy and in demand.  People want useful information.

Make your information more available to your members,

or anyone you permit to have access to it.

Contact me to explore this win/win/win arrangement.

I'll be glad to 

$hare my information with you.

Find out more