custom audio video conversion

custom audio/ video format conversion

custom audio/ video format conversion

custom audio/ video format conversioncustom audio/ video format conversioncustom audio/ video format conversion


I also provide custom quantity audio/video

album design and duplication


Highest quality. Convenient custom service. Satisfaction guaranteed.

     MediaTec has been providing the service of audio and video format conversions, repair and restoration, and custom quantity album design and duplication for over twenty years.   

     Each order is different and requires my personal attention.  Most of what I do is custom, and no order is too large or too small.  Finished products are labeled and packaged as the client prefers.  I provide custom graphic design services as well.  This can include photographs, colorful paper and various type styles.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find this specialized service, especially at my level of quality and convenience

     Each week I provide amazing finished products to clients.  Audio and video recordings, even old films, converted into formats that can be readily played and enjoyed.  Each pick-up supplies me with older format recordings that often have not been played since they were made.  CDs and DVDs, to be copied so that they can be shared; tapes, records and discs, from which specific tracks or sections will be made into custom albums for personal enjoyment and sharing.  I am quite careful as to how I handle and transport these treasures.

       When my clients receive the items they had been expecting, usually their expectations are exceeded.  Customers regularly call and thank me, and share with me their joy,  and that of friends and family, upon seeing and hearing recorded memories they considered might never be enjoyed again.  In this line of work, sharing joy is a common activity.

      I don't "hard sell."  My work and my clients are my best advertiser.  My rates are reasonable and I am upfront about my fees, and offer various levels of service.  

    It means a lot to me that people trust me with their recorded memories and treasured recordings.  For thirty five years I have successfully provided help and service to others in this field.  Today, I combine the best of analogue and digital technologies to produce often magical results.  

     Sharing joy is the purpose.



audio format conversions

  • Audio format conversion and tape conversion from virtually any analogue format
  • CD copies from cassette, open reel tape, DAT, 78 rpm, vinyl LP to CD  
  • Minidisc and micro cassette to CD
  • VHS audio, DVD audio, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, ... and other digital file formats...
  • Files loaded onto external and flash drives as well as CD

audio restoration, enhancement, editing

Along with providing audio tape conversions into various digital formats, I can enhance or modify the quality of any audio material from almost any analog or digital source.

video format conversions

Video conversions to DVD of the following formats: VHS to DVD, S-VHS, Mini-DV, VHS-C to DVD, Hi-8, 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film transfers to DVD.  

Digital conversions can be delivered on external flash and hard drives as well as DVD.

gift albums

Affordable, custom designed albums from a favorite audio or video recording make great gifts and "stocking stuffers."   Choose a mix tape, home movie, vacation reel, recital, kids' theater, jam session, holiday gathering, puppet show, family "bloopers", school play, etc.  These are popular with our clients especially around Christmas and graduation.


Over three decades of experience in magnetic, electronic and graphic media.  Tape conversion, audio and video transfers, VHS to DVD, this is all second nature here at MEDIATEC.  My history of providing high quality audio and video goes back decades.  I have contributed successfully to the careers of dozens of the world's most popular musicians and entertainment personalities and producers.  That being said, however much I appreciate being involved in the careers of celebrities, nowadays what pleases me most is making older recordings accessible once again; giving anyone the chance to put their older audio and video material "in the spotlight." 

personal service

Personal attention to you and your recordings sets MEDIATEC apart from other businesses of its type.

My top priority is to deliver to you what you want, and how you want it.

Custom digital conversions, custom personal service.

The safety of your originals and the quality of your tape conversions and video transfers are the number one concern at MEDIATEC. 


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